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Akashic Readers

There are those who can read your Akash.

But unlike a linear file cabinet, they can’t read the lifetime in some linear way.

Instead, they’ll see the energetic lives that stick out, the ones that have a profundity about them for you.

These are the lives where you accomplished things, or perhaps even worse, you didn’t.

There are lives where dramatic things happened, such as early death, loss of children, or battlefield experiences.

It’s all based on energy and potentials.

You’ll hear that again since it’s important.

You are standing at the Wind of Birth, and you’re about to come back to the planet.

Laid upon you are all the potentials and possibilities based on your past experience and the imprint of “who you are.”

You’re coming back as part of the spiritual family of Earth, which is what your soul group does.

Where will you be?

What gender?

The most difficult thing for me to describe to you is that the planning is not linear, and it is not something that you would see on a logical financial spreadsheet.

It’s energy-based and very often influenced by others.

It’s, therefore, also family-based.  


Through Lee Carroll, the Original Kryon Channel (via

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