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QHHT Clients look for answers from within

I recently had a client that came to me for a QHHT session. He was looking for answers to why he had a pattern of failed relationships. He also felt he was not on his life path. He was not making the best decisions for his life. This was due to clarity and not being connected to his higher self, the light, frequency, vibrations, higher consciousness, universe, God, guides, etc.

In order to receive clear guidance, it would be best to practice intentions for the highest good for all involved and clear your mind with any form of meditation that serves you.

He was taken back to a past life to help him understand why he was stuck and in a loop in this lifetime. There was one scene where he was building a house but it wasn’t complete and he was waiting for someone to finish it. At the end of the past life when he was out of the body and then brought up the the SC he was aware that he wasn’t taken initiative and action in creating his own life. He was waiting for someone else to do it for him.

There were blocks, such as forgiveness, self worth, self love, and letting go. There was healing done on his lower back where he thought he wasn’t being supported in life.

This is the beginning of awakening for him so he will be able to move forward with creating the life of his dreams with positive thoughts and asking for help from above.

love & light,

Stacy Imbasciani

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