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Alien Encounter With The Greys

On this day 11/14/22 = 11

I had a dream or did it really happen? Who knows what is real anymore. It felt like a dream, but the feelings were so real to me. The feeling of drifting and being pulled up into the round gentle light. It felt real when I felt being put under and going numb like anesthesia, that felt like two minutes. I knew it was more than two minutes because when I looked at myself, I was on a cold silver table dressed in scrubs like going for a doctor's visit for an exam. Then I felt a huge wave of FEAR washing over me, it didn’t stop, it slowly moved through my body, and I knew I had a choice to open my eyes and conquer that fear to see what I was so afraid of seeing, so I slowly opened my eyes with curiosity. Soon as I opened my eyes and looked half curiosity and half fear, I saw what I saw to ease me into the scene of who they were. Half human but distorted human and half alien. I realized after that it was my imagination protecting myself.

At this time, I didn’t even think about my family for one second. I as hyper focused to what was happening around me with all my senses. I didn't even remember where I was before this happened. It was like I had amnesia and they only let me remember parts of it. They were in control, but I know it was for my own safety and sanity. After a while I saw their eyes and felt their bodies and they weren’t the human form that I saw at first. One that was close to me was three feet tall and had a very loving nurse energy, the one by my feet was very excited which bothered me, but once I felt their energy a little more it was my friend and the one who lead me to the round light and the spaceship. They are very close to earth and appeared to be the Greys with dark eyes, but loving energy, they were more afraid of being hurt by us, as I noticed the nurse inching slowly back as I looked into his eyes.

As I was in and out of consciousness. At one point I was able to get up and explore the room. I didn’t see anything but silver instruments like an examination room, very organized, sanitized and nothing scary to me. I then went out of the room into a white hallway or corridor which also looked very clean and sanitized, but I was very dizzy and not stable. I remember saying I’m cold and was looking for a blanket in my head. I saw the three of them appear in front of me and take me back to the room.

I somehow felt them hearing my thoughts and I heard there's saying how I was a feisty one and kept waking up. Then an older women came in and she felt serious like the doctor five feet tall and who was checking me out. She was annoyed that I had to be re-prepped because I drooled on my shirt. I looked at the nurse closest to me with dark hair, dark eyes, short, slim, quiet, but telepathic, and they heard my thoughts as well. He felt like a loving mother energy, and I felt calm at this point. They asked if I wanted to hug him. I said yes in my mind. I then was asked to turn around as he came behind me. I think they put me back under then. They seemed to be in a rush, and everything was done fast.

Then I was out again and when I woke up it was in my bed with my husband and dog Bella. The day was weird after that. I kept forgetting things that I was doing. I couldn't concentrate. Time was weird. I even didn’t know which finger to put my wedding band on. I was confused to how things worked, or if my auto pilot was off. I kept busy and cleaned the whole day as I had landscapers came and cleaned the outside. I rearranged the furniture and felt like I was nesting. As I thought about what happened It was weird here today and gone tomorrow like nothing matters and it’s all made up like a hologram. I had lots of questions during the day and it was Just a weird day.

Now I do actively dream since I was very young. I do see QHHT clients for hypnosis and I am a bridge for many entities, but never had such an experience for myself. I do get lots of different entities in my mediations also. I do think I wanted to meet them in some capacity and to have an experience like my clients do, so I can understand and connect better to help be the bridge. I am grateful that I did and that's all I choose to be. Even though I don't fully understand why or what they were doing.

If anyone has any similar stories Please Share! Or you can email me at


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