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My Story

Ever since she was a young girl, she had a strong curiosity about spirituality and the truths of the universe and
how it all worked. She searched for answers throughout her life reading spiritual books. Her favorites
today to read are written by Kyron, Bushar, Dolores Cannon, Joe Dispenza, Paul Selig ,

Esther and Jerry Hicks (The Teachings of Abraham), Julia Cannon “Soul Speak”,

Brian Weiss “Many Lives Many Masters” and William Anthony “Medical Medium”.
Stacy always has been on the spiritual path and one day in 2015 had a strong calling to explore Reiki energy
healing. Not knowing that she needed it more she knew. Stacy decided to share it with my family and friends.
Then continued to open her own practice. After a while she wanted to know more about the energy and
how to help people on a deeper level. In the summer of 2020 is when she saw Dolores Cannon’s QHHT
online course taught by her daughter Julia Cannon and decided to take it.  She has never looked back and
continues to move forward helping people in a bigger way. She continues to expand with BQH – Beyond
Quantum Healing to help people around the world!
It is truly amazing that she is able to share these experiences of QHHT and BQH with her clients. She loves exploring the

unknowns of the universe with her clients to heal and expand.

This could be a place where all your questions could be answered. Go to the link below to schedule a free consultation with 

her today!  

Stacy Imbasciani

150 Broadhollow RD

Melville, NY  11746

Suite #105

(631) 278-8624