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Welcome to our Healing and Connection to Higher Source energy Space




Stacy is a certified practitioner of QHHT Level 2 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique | Past Life Regression | Parallel Regression | Future Pro-Regression which was developed by the late Dolores Cannon. 


Her ET experience is that she is a bridge and has met many entities with guiding her clients in hypnosis. It has always been a very positive, healing & spiritual experience. She has also had an experience through a dream state, but when woken remembered the exact feelings of being taken up recently in the beginning of November 2022). See her blog post about


Stacy has been practicing Hypnosis for over two years now. It’s truly healing and different from any other hypnosis out there. She has also studied and practiced Dr. Brian Weiss and Dr. Bruce Goldberg’s past life regression hypnosis techniques.


Click Here to read a heart felt QHHT experience by a client.


She also offers a visualization workshop online. Click below for more information 👇


Stacy is also a Certified Reiki Grand Master Practitioner, Usui/ Holy Fire®III , Reiki I & II, ART, Reiki Master , Holy Fire®III World Peace Karuna Reiki® Master, Teacher, which includes all levels of Reiki (trademarked by William Lee Rand IRCT) this brought together amazing people on the same journey.  She has small intimate classes in office and online zoom. There is also a Facebook private support group.  Stacy feels everyone would benefit in learning Reiki energy for self care and healing. She offers Reiki circles for group healing and does a Reiki talk. Book here.


She offers 30 minute distant Reiki sessions

which are just a powerful as in person.

click here for more information



Stacy love's working with people and working with clients to heal on the physical, emotional and energetic level. She says this takes as much time as needed.  It’s the journey of the soul.  She says that sometimes we forget who we are and our connection to spirit. Everyone has a different journey. Be patient and kind with no judgment of yourself or others. 


Stacy is also an intuitive energy healer, Empath healer, Meditation teacher, Law of Attraction, Life Purpose Coach, Akashic Reader, Soul Speak Reader, Ordained Minister, Certified in White Tiger Medical 8 Trigram Organ QiGong. She is always learning new modalities.


She incorporates her skills into her work. She works with all types of emotions, mental and physical ailments. She is experienced with many levels of energy, meeting you where you are and providing a bridge to a place of peace and healing. She provides a heart centered, safe space to heal. Stacy says we are all teachers and healers and that you can heal when you go within. That’s where all your answers are. She will teach you how to connect to your guidance system and higher self through meditation were you will be completely relaxed into a place of self healing and be able to transform with Hypnosis, Past life Regression, Reiki and Spiritual Guidance.  


Stacy also has a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration Management. She uses her skills to help others with developing and implementing a spiritual business plan. Helping people set up a google page, website and Ads.



Contact information:

Stacy Imbasciani 

150 Broadhollow Road

Suite #105

Melville, NY 11746

1 (516) 518-4308




Google Business Site: Directions, pictures and reviews


What is Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique?

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