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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (Estimated 4 - 5 hours)

QHHT is a healing method developed by the late Dolores Cannon. This opens you up to a new state of consciousness that is healing, enlightening, and incredibly empowering


It is different from others hypnosis being extremely powerful in getting answers from your higher self. The best psychic reading is information that comes from your own Higher Self, because it's specific to you and not filtered through another person's beliefs. QHHT empowers you to channel your own Higher Self.

There is a $125 deposit to hold your appointment. You can Pay the remainder $300 at your scheduled time and day, Credit cards are accepted. or at the secure link below.


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Past life regression

Past Life Regression is a healing method Where we go back a few lives to help you with your current life your living now. This brings awareness and different perspectives to be able to heal and move forward with your life purpose and lessons.


Hypnosis can feel like a dream that your viewing and feel like your making it up as the pictures and information are coming through. You will see the patterns at the end and piece together. You will see what your supposed to see. This brings different perspectives so you can heal. There are no assumptions or expectations, since everyone has there own personal session tailored to them. Setting intentions are powerful to bring in what you need.




This is a personal one on one training workshop. All ages are welcome!


Would you like to learn how to tap into your higher self and source energy? We practice going deeper into understanding oneself and our connection with the energies?




1.) CONNECTING TO YOUR SPIRIT TEAM - How to connect to Higher self your

Physic self with a meet your guide meditation.


2.) AKASHIC reading prayer and meditation. Here you can ask your questions and view them from a higher perspective and receive solutions. 


3.) PAST LIFE REGRESSION - Meditation visualization technique created by late Dolores Cannon. I will have you in a relaxed state and will teach you how to tap into that part of the mind that has the images and pictures.


4.) Chakra Meditation to help you relax, concentrate, and self heal. 

reiki & reiki training

Sign up today to learn Usui/ Holy Fire® II Reiki I & II from a Reiki Master Teacher that is Certified to teach through the International Center for Reiki Training.


This Two Day Training in person  (9am-3pm)


This is a condensed minimum 10 hour training. Your will be Certified and shown how to perform Reiki Treatments on yourself and others.


Investment of $385. Includes a Reiki book, handouts, practice time, 4 placements to channel Reiki & Certificate.


It’s a small group of 5 people taught by a Kind Karma Reiki Grand Master.


This beginning training is one of the most thorough and comprehensive available. It includes both Reiki I & II and is a combination of the Western style as introduced by Mrs. Takata, the Japanese Reiki Techniques and the Holy Fire® II healing energy. On completion of the class, you will be able to give Reiki treatments to yourself and others.


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