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No Expectations with a QHHT & BQH session

No expectations as we set our intentions. You will understand it as you put the pieces together and see it from a different perspective.

Each hypnosis session is totally unique and you will experience exactly what your soul needs. Release any expectation of what you should feel like while you are in a hypnotic trance or what your session will be like. Hypnosis is NOT sleep. You will be wide awake and aware during your whole experience. You are NEVER unconscious. Since hypnosis is NOT SLEEP, it doesn't feel like a dream you wake up from and then forget. It feels more like a daydream or lucid dreaming and the majority of people know exactly what they're saying at all times and remember mostly everything. Most people think they're making it all up. That is normal because Hypnosis is a normal altered state of focused awareness and will not feel much different than daydreami