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Past Life Regression Special for a limit time only!

$250 for 2 hours. Book soon!


Past life regression sessions utilize hypnosis techniques to relax the mind, calm the body, open up visualization, so the experience can be deep and profound. This hypnosis opens you to receive healing and guidance with in this life time. By bringing awareness to your other lifetimes that pertain to this one that you are focused on.

We will do Past Life regression(s) that shed light on your current life, purpose, lessons, understanding situations, and relationships. Some have Inner child healing. It is inner work, that involves creating a space where your subconscious brings awareness, forgiveness, and healing to the situations that are hard to look at by yourself.


The space between lives where souls go to rest in between incarnations. In this space they meet with their soul group, guides, masters and council. This is a time to review the soul’s evolution, see your contracts, vows and agreements with other souls. This is a powerful technique to help heal relationships of all kinds, heal deep grief and find your soul’s purpose in your current life time. We also do a physic viewing of the people in your life where you see a higher perspective of the situation. This is your journey and it will be a special space that your being shown.


Hypnosis is a gentle and safe process that helps the conscious mind relax enough so you can discover and heal the memories held deep in the unconscious mind.

This could be like a dream state where you are aware of what is going on, because we are awakening. It could also be stories, pictures, knowing, telepathic, words, all your senses are activated. Tapping into your authentic self, the unknowing part of you that you forgot.

During a session, you will never lose control of what you might say or do. You are always protected and safe. Hypnosis is self hypnosis.


After this session you will be open to receive more data in your dreams or meditative state and when you listen to your recorded session. The facilitator guides you to your authentic self and knowing of who you are. All is needed is practice quieting your mind, mediation and connecting to the source for guidance.

You will go where you are meant to go with love and compassion. Some clients do not go back anymore. They go straight to the source or other planets and places! You will go were your supposed to go During a session. We all have different sessions, healings and experiences.

There is a caring post-session interview that helps you process and integrate the experience you just had.

A Post Talk- Text or email a day after your session.

You will get an email of your audio recording of your deep hypnosis experience to listen to later on and follow the advice given from your Higher Self.


I am certified QHHTL2 and use hypnosis techniques from Dolores Cannon, Dr. Brian Weiss and Jose Silva , Dr. Bruce Goldberg. Have comfort in knowing These techniques have been tested over many years and have been successful.

Are you curious about the process? Click the link below 👇 this doesn’t include going up to the SC.

If you have never meditated try a Guided Meditation on YouTube. The more you practice the deeper you go.

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